The results of positive thinking


I have been very very busy writing, trying to get the first draft of my new book finished by the end of October, Edited in November and then printed for cheap Christmas presents.

MO-HELL31. Scene from 2001 film festival movie From Hell.

I thought I had lost this post in the interweb… A newer post to come soon…

My apologies to those kind readers of my site for not posting any new blogs lately…. it has been an incredibly busy 2 weeks, and not for writing. Last week I had my first acting job for an HIV charity which was a great experience, And this week I was 2 days on the set of Emmerdale for an explosive few episodes in mid October. Amazing how just pushing forward and out of your comfort zone can lead to such interesting events and locations.


So am I just bragging? In a way… yes,  but overall I’m going to try and give an example of the positive effects of being positive, which, lets face it, can be difficult sometimes, especially when beaten down by events in life that can come in 3s or 4s.

2014-15 was one of the worst 2 years in my life due to many events conspiring against me. I had been given long term notice of redundancy after 24 years with the Met police, so life was uncertain, my team were all depressed, so an awful enviroment to work in (which, when you are a crime scene photographer, is a terrible position to be in). My mother was in a car accident, my father suicidal and other, smaller things were going on. The only good thing in my life, was my girlfriend… until things got to her with her life, and suddenly ended the releationship, with what seemed little reason and no explanation.

So. for me… rock bottom. Worse than my divorce, worse than any other break up, mostly for the fact of how she ended things without talking, and shutting me out.

Anyway, that is enough info on that. I’ll get to my point.

wp_20160717_07_46_48_pro         I think we all have tests like this in our lives, and for writers, they are all a training day. Just like actors remembering emotions to display in films later on. They give us the ammo to write deeper from the heart. Fortunately for me, I had a pen pal on facebook and she was a great listener and eventually became an even better girlfriend.

Now we have been in a relationship for over 18 months and she has pulled me through and made me look to improve myself and my karma. She is a lovely person.

But… as painful as my breakup had been, I had learnt to push myself to enjoy life as much as possible, and now Katja, my current main squeeze, is supporting me through that too.

So… without trying to sound too sentimental, take a look where you are with your writing. Look to experiences and see if you can express yourself as openly as I have here. It is not easy, but it is cathartic, and cheap therapy. It is raw and connects with a lot of people who have touched upon the same subjects. It is 3 dimensional and real, emotive and heart warming.

me-puregym5So now everything is better. My redundancy came with a small pension… Yay! Stupid Met police paying me to not work for them, and it gives me the chance to do lesser paid jobs. So 4 months ago I applied to a modelling agency called Ugly (They do all types of people) and a tv and film extra agency called Ray Knight and got accepted by these two giants in the industry, hence getting interesting work. I went to a pub quiz and found that the quiz master works of Question One… a pub quiz company… and now am a quizmaster for them.


Sorry…. my point is. Just try! Don’t think it’ll go nowhere so what’s the point. Just try anything that takes your fancy. Game park keeper, club bouncer, fitness instructor, stand up comic, stripper, erotic fiction writer (easiest money), librarian, advertising exec…. whatever floats your boat.


Yes, we all have bills to pay. So if you cannot change your job, channel those dreams into your writing. Those hopes and fears. Those disasters and challenges. Write in lunch breaks, or an hour before work. Do what I did, and dream that writing that best seller will get you out of the shit you are in… believe me, it is a great motivation. Don’t torture yourself that you should not write for the money… it is your life, your reasons. E.L.Travers didn’t write 50 shades for art… and she wrote a lot of it in her car on her blackberry. Hell, now she’s rewriting the first three but from the guy’s perspective! Commercial, money orientated genius. Hopefully she’ll take the money and then try to write something worthwhile instead…

My new friend and new cast member from Emmerdale

 Selfie with a new cast member from Emmerdale

But then… a lot of women (and maybe some men) will see her book as worthwhile, that it got them out of a sexual rut, an empty relationship, an emotional dead end… which only goes to show, that anything can be worthwhile and mean something in someone’s world.

So what’s your excuse now? Get writing dagnamit!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “The results of positive thinking

  1. What a fantastic blog; written from the heart and testament to how positive thinking, taking opportunities and baring the soul will always help a person to grow and know themselves better. It is with gratitude that we are able to support each other to reach our highest potentials 🙂 Katja x

    • lunch21

      Thank you Ray, so nice to hear from you. The climb was tough, but the view is much better from the top.

      Take a look at my book on Amazon… The Awakening of Adam Capello to see if you like that too. Well, you never know ?

  2. Thanks Mark, that was a great read and it exudes inspiration and motivation. It got me all pumped up and looking forward to a break later today to get cracking on a new short story idea! Keep going mate, the sky’s not even the limit! Cheers, Lee

    • lunch21

      Thank you Lee, can’t wait to read your body popping story btw. It’s hearing from other writers that keeps me motivated too. Have a great weekend,


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