The Power of agents


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I’ve diversified into writing scrips now, by adapting my new book into a film screenplay. It was quite a learning experience…. but more about that another time.

I attempted to try and dodge a few agents this week. Escape the overworked, underpaid apathy filled underlings that are given the unenviable task of guarding that first wall of defense against the masses. The wannabe script writers / authors like myself who are trying to peer over the parapet of fort Hollywood. Okay, I’ll stop the castle reference points now.

So, when I managed to obtain Director / Producer / Screenwriter and even inventor, Roman Copolla’s email address, I took a deep breath and sent my carefully prepared script and opening message to him.

I must say, seeming as it must have been very early in America when he received it, he was quick to reply, and polite under the circumstances… even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

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‘Mark sorry to say that for legal reasons I’m unable to except this type of solicitation directly (has to go through agents in my case William Morris Endeavor thanks for your understanding)




Don’t need to respond to this email’


Now of course, he could have been using this as an excuse, but at least he let me know who his agent is and he actually answered, rather than blanked me.

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So my point is… the power of agents. He is a man who has grown up in a film making dynasty. He is 53 years old and shouldn’t give a toss what his agents say… but he does. They have enough legal power over him to stop him being able to either find his own projects, or be approached from an outside source. I’m a little staggered to be honest, even though I know I shouldn’t be.


Film making is a huge creative and financial process. It relies on professionals at the top of their game to get the best deals for themselves and their clients. They are the royal guard – the elite soldiers (sorry, back to the castle refs again) – in a war or words that are literally worth millions of dollars. It’s just a shame that those creatives near the top of the chain have their creative liberty shackled.


I certainly hope Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks or even Francis Ford Coppola have more say in their projects.


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