The Complications of Genre


I’d never thought of it before…

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I just wanted to write…

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And before I knew it, I had my first book… THE AWAKENING OF ADAM CAPELLO

…and then I had to find out what genre it was. Yes, arse about face, but it was my first book, and I didn’t want anything stunting the creative process. I then found out it was Metaphysical fiction.

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Yes, I didn’t know what Metaphysical fiction was until I’d written it, but now I do. Only problem is, the new book, KILLING TIME, is a lot lot darker, and a historical fiction murder mystery. So should I have written it under a different name?

Tricky, as it is set in the same world of Awakening and even has Adam Capello and Martin Kale from the first book. I have also changed from 1st person to 3rd person… so I apologise to those that prefer their fiction to be a certain way and expected something different.

But life is not that simple, especially if you have quite an organic writing process as I do. I go with the flow. Some might even say I let the spirits of my ancestors influence my writing.

Who knows, it feels quite free flowing sometimes, even if I do stare occasionally at an office wall for a few hours  waiting for inspiration to strike.

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I’m lucky people are wanting more though, so will have to fix this problem by writing a sequel to my first book sometime soon..

The Awakening of Adam Capello by [Taylor, M]  VS    VS  Killing Time by [Taylor, M W]

Or write another completely different book under a new name with the freedom to say whatever I like because no one will know who I am. A whole new genre mix…

What do you think?

Metaphysical erotica anyone?

Have a great week,



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