Adam Capello Reviews


Praise for The Awakening of Adam Capello



 ‘Put down whatever you are reading and pick up this book.

What an absolute gem of a read from a place of sheer brilliance… Conceptual, yet simple and one of the most un-put-downable reads I have come across in a very, very long time. Bravo’

 Lee A Jackson – ‘Dreaming Falling Down’

A well-conceived sci-fi exploration of the human mind and its capacity for empathy’.     

                                                            Kirkus reviews


‘An amazing read from an amazing mind; brilliant, highly original… it should be made into a movie’

Renee Paule – ‘On the Other Hand: The little anthology of big questions’


‘The Awakening of Adam Capello’ is a deeply captivating, thought-provoking and philosophical read

Katja Leslie – ‘The spirituality of incarceration’


The Author has created a very engaging and warm character in Adam Capello and portrayed his ‘Awakening’ process; his past life characters and experiences in a gripping and stimulating way.

I did not want to put this book down… and I did not want it to end!



What a great book! It’s so easy to read and un-put-downable. Whether you believe in the possibility of past lives or not, the story leaves you totally engrossed in Adam’s world. It’s also really thought provoking. I have recommended this book to some of my friends and to my boyfriend. I will probably read it again too!

Ellie Giffard


A brilliant debut:

This book will bend your mind and keep you awake until you finish it. An astounding debut that will get you thinking, and thinking and thinking.

Thrilling, philosophical, and above all human.

Luke Holman