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I have always wanted to write… Well, I’ve always had niggling prods in the mind telling me to get something written. When I was younger, much younger, I kept to poetry. It was short and expressive, almost musical. It also made me feel artistic, which, as I am also a photographer, made me feel good. But… truth be told, I don’t really like poetry, at least, no one else’s, so I felt a fraud, after all, how can you expect people to read your poems if you don’t even read poems yourself.

Then came the reality that I wanted to write a book. I lacked a lot of confidence in my grammar, and my handwriting was awful. I’d get writer’s cramp within 5 minutes and be left with a page as unintelligible as a doctors prescription. I thought about getting a typewriter of course, but I didn’t know how to type! Ah, the innocent, pre-Microsoft word days.

Anyhow, at age 48 I finally had a book written via the beauty of word processing and a lifetime’s experience to set me on the right path. The book, as you can probably guess, is: The Awakening of Adam Capello… and it has consumed a good part of my life for the last 3 years.

I thought getting it written would be the hard part, but it pales into insignificance compared to trying to gain the attention of a publishing agent. I wish I’d started a blog as soon as the book was finished, so that I could log all that has happened as it happened, but I was working a 24/7 shift pattern as a crime scene photographer, and juggling that with seeing my kids who come over to stay very often from my ex wife (who is a good friend btw). Oh and navigating the highs and lows of internet dating, which is another book in itself. But on January 1st 2016, a wonderful thing happend. I was made redundant and given a modest pension to keep the wolf from my door. I don’t have to work for a few years at least, so now at last, I can live the life of a writer and give it the time it deserves. I am still working of course, only this time, I’m working for myself, and it feels good.

So I am starting a blog now to try and catch up with my experiences in self publishing, and illustrate to anyone who may take an interest, how difficult it can be to take your work and get it published in the big bad world.

I’ll talk about:

Finding the right agent

Sending them the perfect letter of introduction / synopsis / biog / summary

Going to (and paying for) author events to meet agents etc.

Getting it proof read, and going on to getting it edited professionally

Self publishing vs a traditional publishing deal

New services such as Inkshares and Unbound

Getting an ISBN

Promoting your online profile (such as having a website like this)

Getting your self-published book into book shops

And it will all be wrapped up in how my life is right now, after all, everything I do is intertwined, and this is all part of the big adventure. I have also finallly started writing my next book, with a working title of ‘Killing Time’ and will include a chapter or two to whet the appetite. I’m hoping I might even get a couple of movie trailers made too.

So welcome to my new site, please do say hello and keep checking for new updates which should go out at least once a week.

All the best,


M W Taylor

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  1. lunch21

    Thank you for your support Paul, I’m so glad you like the book. Check out the first chapter of my new project, ‘Killing Time’ on this website, I think you’ll love it!

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