Killing Time


This is the first chapter from my new book, ‘Killing Time’.

Chapter 1 – Time to kill

February 2065 – A hotel room in Shoreditch, London.


Knock knock… knock knock knock!


The signal from the whore at the door. Her signal as rough and ready as she is, this buxom trollop, this dirty puzzle, selling her wares to any man with a penny in his pocket. This will be her last moment on this foul earth, of that Jack is certain. What a sense of power to know her destiny before she does, to hold her life in his hands and snuff it out like a church candle.

As soon as he opens the door, the woman’s eyes narrow when she sees her client, booked just an hour ago. She is a little surprised by his appearance, but not fazed; she has seen almost everything in her short career.

“Oooh, I wasn’t expecting that love… no problem, but it will cost you extra, is that okay?”

Jack isn’t feeling talkative, so just grunts his acknowledgement. He is impatient for his kill. This is a very dangerous moment. The allure of this whore sent by her Haymarket Henry, may just make him want to use her for sex first, and that would never do. It is against his strong principles, but he is just human after all. It would devastate him though, to dirty himself upon her saggy body and delay the whole process.

“What is your name?” Speech seems to be a huge effort, so he expels the words from his mouth as quickly as possible.

Her eyes drift up, conveying body language that screams her conceit in trying to remember the name she is using tonight. “You can call me Jade darlin’, just like my eyes,” and gives a cheap laugh that holds no honesty in it. Her eyes are blue. Eyes that see the gloves Jack is wearing. Eyes that see something is wrong.

“Don’t worry, Jade, I just have an aversion to touching skin, which is why I find myself using your… unique services. It’s just easier that way, I’m sure you understand.”

Now it’s his turn to let out a false laugh, and said with a little added estuary inflection to match hers. It reassures her, and mocks her at the same time. He’s beginning to enjoy himself in this game; the power and the divine right spurring him on.

The hotel room is the usual American layout but with typically small British dimensions. Bathroom immediately to the left as you walk in past the door, wardrobe on the right, thus providing a tight channel that leads to the bed and a small desk. He quickly maneuvers himself between Jade and the door, confidently cutting out her exit through the pretention of getting cash out of his jacket, which is hanging in the wardrobe. Money will distract her away from any doubts. In an age of credits, cash, though rarely seen these days, still holds the most attention and works its magic on her. It also leaves no evidence trail if you are careful.

Warming up to the event, Jack loosens up and flashes the cash. “Come in, make yourself at home, and really, money is not a problem. I believe in living for the moment Jade, even if it costs a little extra, don’t you?” She nods and begins to settle into her own little routine.

“I certainly do darling, mind if I get a drink from the minibar then?”

“Help yourself, and pour me a whiskey please.” You stupid bitch, you jezebel! The bad thoughts are getting louder in his head now, but the soft side of his nature, his alter ego is fighting against him.

As she bends down to the minibar, it accentuates her hips, and forces her short skirt higher to display the tops of her stockings, taunting him, inviting him in to plunder her goods. This must not happen. In an instant, an explosion of rage tears through his mind as he realises he must kill her now, before her filth infects him.

Using his whole body weight, he slams her face down as hard as possible to the desk, breaking her nose in three places, instantly… which knocks her semi unconscious. As adrenaline courses through her system, fight or flight become her only options offered by a muddled brain, but she is not in control, she cannot think clearly. Instinctively she opens her mouth to let out a scream. Instantly, expertly, the scream is muffled by a hand towel. From Jade’s senses, all she can see and feel is fear.

Blood floods her nostrils as the towel gags her mouth, leaving her unable to scream or swallow. Then she feels an arm across her neck, as it slowly squeezes her miserable life out of existence. The pain of her lungs bursting to breaking point is excruciating, until darkness engulfs her, a welcome end to this sudden nightmare. Finally she is only conscious of a ringing in her ears, softly permeated by the dying pulse of her heart, her last moments as predicted by this cruel stranger.

Technically she is now dead. The neural pathways in her brain being starved of oxygen, force it to shut down. She has only minutes to be revived, her brain’s only option for survival, but that will never happen. Now it is time for her soul to escape until it can find another body to inhabit; to be reborn. Maybe then her memories can be revived, and one day she will point out her murderer in this new age of Awakening.

Jack is angry with himself. This was very sloppy and he still has to cut her up and lay her in position. It will take time to clear the evidence and he will have to burn his clothes as soon as possible. From now on it will be clean kills, better disguises and possibly drugs to subdue his victims. More discreet venues and simpler meeting methods also need to be employed, but then, he has only just returned, his first murder of a prostitute in a very long time. He is understandably a little rusty and things have changed so much since he was last here.

Now he needs the soft voice in his head to take over, to clear up this mess. It is time for their expertise to complete this partnership against the filth of London…


A filth that seems to have infected the whole world.