Gaining ground



At last I’m gaining ground. Not easy this independant publishing gig!

I’ve just received a large initial order for my Ripper book (KillingTime) from the Jack the Ripper museum, in Cable Street, London. Well, it was a perfect fit really. A great museum, with friendly owners that are passionate about the mystery of the Ripper himself, and the women of the area in Victorian London. They have recreated scenes from this macbre past, and even a mock up of the Ripper’s bedroom (If it was Walter Sickert) and a mortuary.


Yes, it is all a little bloodthirsty I must admit, but it is history as well, and the past life scenario was a brilliant vehicle to bring his victims and the officers hunting for him, back to life again. It was my original thought when plotting the story. What if you could put the reincarnated forms of his victims etc, through a regression. What would be learnt, and could we apply any modern forensic knowledge to verbal clues given in those sessions?


I’m also in talks with the Museum of London, The London Dungeon, and The London Bridge experience. Those last two also feature Jacky boy in their gory reconstruction of London’s history.

Apologies for thos who prefer my more spiritual, philisophical elements, displayed in my first book – The Many Lives of Adam Capello – I call that my ‘Light – Awakening’ series… and am working on a follow up, or sequel soon. I shall keep you well informed.

Both books are now also stocked at Foyles book shop, Tottenham Court Road, Barton’s book shop, Leatherhead, and most of the libraries in Surrey – so the word is slowly spreading.

Thank you for all the support from my friends of old, and new friends made through my books. Your support keeps me driven.

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So just a short blog update today, as I have lots of little jobs that need attending too, and, as constantly requested from Bartons… a sequel to leap from the page.

Have a great weekend!



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