The Awakening of Adam Capello


3d-glass-crystal-skull-6688782If you were suddenly able to look back into your past lives, how would it affect you? Would you be able to hold onto your personality, or would you fade into a pot of past memories, thereby losing yourself in time? Adam Capello starts off his Awakening past life regressions just like any other 15 year old in 2061, and discovers he was once a Victorian photographer. It all seems so easy as he reclaims his past skills, but why is he plagued by visions of skulls in almost every lifetime he visits: a slave in New Orleans; an artist on the brink of madness; an alchemist searching for immortality? Are the skulls a symbol of death, or some darker force trying to warn him of something much bigger?

Awakening is affecting everyone, in a new society where immortality is possible through renewable bodies? Adam’s journal of his experiences are warm and engaging as his humour paints over the cracks of his fear. This journey takes him, and us, much further than we would ever have guessed.


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