Chapter 1 – The Awakening of Adam Capello


Chapter 1 – Questions         March 30th 2061

 I’d been nervous of course, who isn’t? And had considered joining that small club of people who prefer not to know, but the peer pressure was so great, so high, so expected. Why is it that people have to interfere in my life, expect me to want to delve so deeply into my past?

And so I found myself with my “guide” at my side going to my first Awakening. My guide is very pretty, nineteen, auburn hair, a great figure that she shows off in tight sweaters and even tighter jeans and she’s a real chatterbox. So of course I fancy her, I’m fifteen years old, I fancy most girls.

Millie held my hand (unfortunately in a motherly way) looked at me with those big brown eyes of hers and soothed me into submission. She has been through this process already of course, and even though she’d had doubts when it had been her turn, her parents were even more worried about being seen with a daughter who only has a limited set of life memories. It’s amazing with all this accumulated enlightenment how people are still trapped by their wish to fit in.

My parents are next door, they’d opted not to watch and that suited me fine. Looking into my past lives was going to be weird enough without having my parents watch me absorb some of my past characteristics. Millie talked me through it.

“Don’t forget Adam, during Awakening, you relive the past life in real time, which makes it feel very real. As such, all the old habits of voice control or language and personality traits come back as if they’d never left. You might not be a teenage boy anymore; you could be any age, sex or creed.”

Mum and dad might see their fifteen year old son suddenly become a seventy year old judge or a thirty year old hooker, anything can happen. When you come out of your session, the years fade away and your current present day identity re-asserts itself. It takes control but leaves you with the benefit of that past knowledge / experience, not all of it of course, but enough to make a real difference.

New languages are a common plus, although ironically, this has had the effect of transforming modern English, French and Spanish into a new tri-universal language. People are so comfortable with it, a new amalgamation is forming. “Frenglish” seems to be the cool language of the day. That, mixed with text speak and gadge keeps everyone on their toes. I could of course try to learn it all just as me, but what’s the point, all that effort, all that studying, just so I can keep my current core identity intact? Don’t forget the extras such as science, literature, history; everything! You just can’t catch up with thousands of years worth of experience in one lifetime of study.

Okay, so you don’t necessarily need all that experience, but some employers have started requesting at least your last three Generations (3G’s) listed on your CV. The world has gone crazy trying to unlock the secrets of the past in an attempt to deal with the problems of today. The total collapse of the world’s economic system in 2027 had left everything in tatters. Savings had gone, society had broken down and it all had to be rebuilt from the bottom up. Thank goodness for Martin Kale.

Martin Kale

Martin Kale had come to most people’s attention through his T.V show. He was an expert in human psychology, hypnotism and theology, and that’s just for starters. He understood the human mind in a way that set him so far apart from anyone else that it worried people. His specialism, if you could call it that, was in how other people like himself could use or abuse their insight, mostly in the form of con artists, showmen, shaman, witch doctors, faith healers, psychics and of course, politicians. These people had used their “powers” of observation and control to manipulate others around them.

Martin Kale was a savant; an individual with amazing cognitive skills and a didactic memory, usually seen in people with autism. Unlike most people with autism though, savants are able to communicate in a near normal way, thereby having all the benefits, with few of the side effects. In fact he was a savant amongst savants if you know what I mean. He never agreed to an IQ test, saying it was too rough an instrument, too clumsy to truly illustrate an individual’s intelligence and even though I think it was just a cover, I’d say I have to agree with him.

His understanding of the human mind wasn’t just the application of hard study, it was the ability to see signs that no one else could. It was the ability to remember every subtle clue, and process all that data in that incredible mind of his. In essence, he could see into your soul. He even mixed in a little sleight of hand, anything to distract whilst he could study you further. No wonder he became an entertainer, he’d have been hated otherwise. People always fear what they don’t understand.

His TV shows would give it all an air of mysticism, but on a level that made it look like trickery. The real trick was that he could all but read our minds but no one believed it, even though he would dangle that information in front of our faces. The ultimate con; real magic disguised as entertainment. Until of course he developed his “Awakening process”. How ironic that the Awakening process had to be developed by one of the few people who didn’t need it. He had enough going on in his head without the distraction of countless lives whispering in the back of his mind.

Now I’m no expert, so maybe you better Wiki if you want to know more about Awakening, but here is a quick summary. Using a psychological profile as a base point which is built up using methods developed by Kale, it is mixed with personal details extracted using a cognitive polygraph and a light hypnotic trance. With this process, Kale was able to unlock certain areas of the subconscious that had previously only been stumbled upon by hypnotists.

Augmented with memory tricks and bolstered by acute visualisation, past lives were revealed. Apart from the volunteers “seeing” images and hearing voices from the past, CAT scans were showing regions in the brain lighting up like a Christmas tree. Those so called clumsy IQ tests were now being used as a measure of improvement. Kale was changing people’s lives, empowering them with greater knowledge and self awareness. Some rumours even started circulating that he was the messiah. This was the second coming in the second Millennium in our hour of need, and with that followed his assassination.

He was shot dead at a mass conference in London at Wembley stadium. Robert Bains entered infamy as his assassin and is still paying the price today. Without Kale at the helm, his Awakening process lost steam, relying on the few elite volunteers who had been Awakened to try and carry on with his methods.

I am not a religious person, few are these days, but twelve years later, a ten year old boy announced that he was Martin Kale. He was the first and so far the only person to ever “Self Awaken.” His depth of knowledge about everyone mirrored Kale’s abilities, but it was the fact that he knew a secret password that Kale had left in his will that removed most people’s doubts. The messiah had resurrected.

Kale never made any claims to be a messiah, in fact he would play them down at every opportunity, but this only made people believe in it more. His return gave his process a momentum that could never have been attained without his death and resurrection. Now his process was offering everlasting life; immortality through new bodies, and it was to change the world.

Now it was my turn to experience the Awakening process. I’d had my psychological profiling, been briefed on any possible risks and been matched up with Millie to help me through my initial Awakening process. I’d had the history explained, as I have already related to you, but also some of the rumours of personality quakes dispelled. Stories of talking in multiple tongues or getting trapped in time, never being able to wake up. These are stories usually told in whispers by people airing their greatest fears. Of course, some fears are greater than others, and some fears become reality.

Adolf Hitler

A few years ago, a Jewish girl in New York suddenly discovered she had been Adolf Hitler. Imagine the horror, the irony and the shame. She was counselled, as were her parents. Her great great grandfather had been in a prisoner of war camp in 1944, so the story could not have been any bigger. How do you deal with that though? After extensive tests, it was unfortunately confirmed to be true. Sometimes people “see” past lives that didn’t actually happen, so strong is our subconscious imagination.

Once confirmed, the girl was given a lethal injection. Most people guessed this would happen, the situation had already been hypothesised and it had been decided that Hitler’s punishment should be to lose ten G’s. It was argued that ten lives were nothing compared to the millions he had killed but that an example needed to be made to help avoid any such despot or serial killer thinking they could get away with murder in this life or the next. Murder rates have already come down a long way as it is now very difficult not to be found out. Murder victims are beginning to come back and point out their killers. As a result, murder by subterfuge is the new way forward: poison, sniper fire, masked killings, anything that will keep the murderer’s face hidden.

There was a big outcry, thousands of people protested at this young girl’s death, but already people were seeing that we are not limited to just the person you see in front of you. That is just the façade, the face of today. What lies beneath is the darkened tainted soul of an evil person(ality). Personally, I saw a young girl losing her life, a girl, who for fifteen years had led a good life and in keeping with society had submitted herself to this Awakening process and was now having the murderer within killed. She was just an innocent bystander. Or was she?

You have to ask yourself this. What is stronger: the soul, spirit, personality, memory, life force, or whatever you would like to call it, or the body with its current memories? Don’t you think it is a bit of a coincidence that Hitler would become a poor defenceless Jewish girl? It’s as if his malevolent spirit had chosen the best place to hide. If we talk about being born again giving immortality through interchangeable bodies, then surely that leads to the point that the body is just a shell. Yes it develops its own personality, and up until a few years ago we figured we were just that, a person with one chance in this life, but now we are so much more.

Thus logic dictates that this girl, though young and pretty and apparently a nice person, is just the current shell. You must not be able to escape your crimes just because you change your mask. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just playing devil’s advocate here but you can’t argue with the logic.

This same logic has completely re-written many of our old laws. Murder now can be investigated back at least three G’s, more in extreme cases. Suicide bombers are now being tried; a twist that no one could ever have foreseen. Of course, those same bombers also thought that they would be going to heaven for their personal sacrifice. What a shock they must have had!

Suicide has risen to new highs anyway. Life is less precious, the usual fear of death, the great unknown, is not so unknown. If you have a body that doesn’t work properly, get a new one. If you suffer from depression, get a new life. Tragically some people commit suicide because they think they are ugly.

Old age is another dilemma. What do you do, get older and more infirm, or swap it for a new one? If it were not for the fact that you have to wait to be reborn, and then at least another fifteen years to have your old identity Awakened, even more people would be contemplating suicide. You also don’t want to leave your loved ones, so there are still more ties than you could ever imagine, but it completely changes the way in which you view the world. Peter Pan gleefully declared, “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” Well sorry Peter, it turns out that it’s just more of the same old crap.

Millie is a shining example of how it can all go so right though. She’d not been particularly bright, scoring just average grades at school and she lacked confidence, but as she went through her Awakening, her mind just opened up. The world was unravelled, giving her an insight she could never have dreamed of. She didn’t have any murderers in her psyche (although she had robbed a bank and enslaved a few Phoenicians, but that’s just cool) and her confidence, along with her intelligence, soared.

She finished the Academy of Advanced Generations with flying colours, rounded off all those skills and experience, and is now specialising in land regeneration for third world countries. I only hope she’s able to stay in the country long enough for me to finish my Awakening programme, which could be anything between two to four years depending on how far back in time I go or how tricky it might turn out to be.

My father thinks he can remember flying a war type aircraft on another planet. Whether this was just his imagination or an amazing far reaching latent memory has not been verified. One thing that is certain though, Awakening has answered a lot of questions in this world, but it has posed just as many.

An oddity remains. Nobody remembers being an animal, but animals seem just as alive as us and they obviously have some form of intelligence. Where are their spirits or memories? Why are we not interchangeable with them? That is an area of generational research that is very popular. Can you imagine being the person who finds the missing link and discovering what, or how an animal actually thinks? It would be a form of communication, but oddly only through animals that have died.

What a strange way to listen to animals; through the living human shell of their reborn bodies. And what lessons we have been learning. History has gone from being a dusty old subject where facts were dragged out from years of research, going through old texts or digging in a field, to interviewing people alive today. Tours of Old London are given by people who died in the plague or helped put out the Great fire in Pudding Lane.

So many questions…

As with my father’s perceived memory… was there once life on other planets? How far back can we go once Awakening processes are tweaked and improved? Most importantly, how do we remember all of this without anything physically transferring from body to body? Do memories need a physical host? What happens to us between bodies and why don’t we remember those in between times? How long are those gaps, how conscious are we in that spirit state? Do we have any choice of our new bodies as was posed with the Hitler scenario?

Nobody really knows but it’s a fascinating field of study, and one I’d like to take up. As you can imagine though, it’s a very competitive occupation and is populated by the best minds of the day, all headed up by Kale. Yes, Kale has resumed his name from his last G and is leading us even further into the light, a brave new world, borne from the scared old world. Where will it all end?

Millie suddenly looked a little more serious than she had been, caught my eye, and said “Come on Adam, it’s time to meet your former self.”


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