Who is M W Taylor


Short version:

M W Taylor is otherwise known as Mark Taylor, but there seems to be a lot of them in the world, hence having to use his initials. Unfortunately he also thinks it makes him sound intelligent. A forensic photographer for Scotland Yard for over 23 years, Mark has seen many unusual sides to life, often giving a unique slant to his writing, especially in his first novel “The Awakening of Adam Capello”. You can find copies at Amazon worldwide or Waterstones.com and in Foyles Bookshop Charing Cross at a ridiculously fair price.


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Long version:

Right from the beginning I was hip. Born on the summer equinox, June 21st 1964, I was the illegitimate love child of a Scientologist father and a mother that was trying to escape her overbearing parents. I was born with a small crop of hair that was very fashionable at the time and so they nicknamed me “The Beatles kid”. Unfortunately I have never managed to be that cool or fashionable since.

My mother finally escaped when I was two years old, but without me. This led to growing up in several children’s homes, interspersed by cramped father’s house stuffed full of his hoarded books, that left little room to breathe. This is not the reason I took to writing though. Instead that passion has always lain within me, stirred by being a little different amongst the other school children, or later when I started seeing the world. From the age of twelve I was lucky enough to start flying. Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland and Israel, but never staying in hotels, as my father did not like to spend his hard earned money. Instead we would hitchhike, and then burden ourselves on the poor driver’s floor. Hay lofts, beaches, the most disgusting hostel in Jerusalem, bunk beds in a house that had left its door open, a park in Paris and several kibbutz camps as we travelled to the Dead Sea. Not bad by the age of seventeen, and possibly good training for three months in Honduras on an archaeological expedition at age twenty.

But all of this is about travel, which by all other endeavours can be counted as commendable if the host is kind enough to listen, but tells you nothing about my writing which had still not really started, save for short stories and poetry. A lack of confidence in my English grammar was possibly my first hurdle, fermented by my humble upbringing. The travel did furnish my mind with lots of different foreign worlds, all with their own flavours and spirit, and gave me the chance to see how big the world truly is.

At seventeen I had also managed to get a job as a photographer’s assistant, a young virgin, bashfully setting up the lights around the naked models as they would tease me. Better than the bullying in the playground though and the memories are fun. From assistant to photo lab boy to Honduras to photo lab manager to cruise ship chief photographer to photo lab operations manager… it was all going so well, and then I joined the Met police as a crime scene photographer at twenty-seven. Yep, interesting days (and lots of nights) with interesting sights through the bright lights and murky streets of London. It was a job in which I stayed a lot longer than the three years I planned. Twenty-four years of crime scenes from Brixton to Phuket in Thailand. Working for the Met police served me well in some regards, but it also stifled my creative energy.

Writing finally became my artistic, creative outlet (crime scene photography is all technical stuff), and by the time I reached 48, all my experiences from life and travel and my father’s Scientology ramblings bore fruit within my first book, “The Awakening of Adam Capello,” a book that just could not have been written earlier, as I had to live through it first. Hopefully you will find it was worth the journey.


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